10 Reasons Why Golf Is So Addictive [Infographic]

10 reason why golf is so addictive

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Golf is one of the greatest pastimes and can also lead to a fantastic career. Here are just some of the reasons why we love golf so much.

  1. Golf has some of the greatest views of any sport.
  2. It’s great exercise to spend the day walking and playing on a course.
  3. It tests your character as you play. You’re responsible for all mistakes.
  4. It encourages etiquette, sportsmanship, and camaraderie.
  5. There are several golf careers available that can keep you involved.
  6. It’s a great social event- if you want it to be.
  7. There are beautiful courses all around the world.
  8. Playing can strengthen your mind and your concentration.
  9. You can play at any age.
  10. There is always room for improvement.

There are so many reasons to love what golf brings to the table. If you love golf, why not consider a career that will keep you close to, if not on the fairway? Contact Keiser University College of Golf and Sport Management today to get started!


  1. Very insightful post. I actually share the same opinions with a lot of your reasons that you pointed out in the post (beautiful infographic by the way).

    I think that the biggest factor that is the most addictive thing to the sport is the constant chase of improvement. Everyone is always chasing that next big shot where they hole out from far away or put a shot in the hole from 100+ yards.

    I also think that something about the comraderie and social nature of the game that makes it addictive to a lot of people!

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