How to be a Better Golfer in 2016 [Infographic]

how to be a better golfer in 2016

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For some, New Year’s resolutions mean it’s time to work on being a better golfer. That will mean different things to different people, but here’s some great advice to get you started!

Self- Awareness

Be honest with yourself about what your biggest problems are when it comes to golf, whether it’s in your swing or your attitude.

Set Up Drills

If you want to improve, you have to practice. A lot.  Learn drills that will help your weak areas and build them into a routine.

Stay Fit

Taking care of your body and doing consistent golf exercises will not only help your health, but it will improve your game as well.


Spend time with other golfers who are looking to improve and take things as seriously as you do, so that you can be encouraged along the way.

Follow the Greats

Pay attention to what the big names in golf are up to and how they recommend you improve your game. Learn from their wins and losses.

Fuel Your Passion

If you love golf, then get serious about it. Consider enrolling at Keiser University College of Golf for a Golf Degree and become a better player while you learn.


Make sure that you understand what goes into buying the right set of clubs and using the right club for each shot.

Never Stop Learning

It’s good to shore up your weaknesses, but you can also always improve your strengths. Read and watch as many tips as you can.

Do It

Our biggest obstacle is ourselves. Don’t let excuses keep you from dedicating yourself to becoming a better golfer.

Now, use all of these tips to form a plan that will help you become a better golfer in 2016! Interested in earning a golf degree? Contact Keiser University College of Golf today!