How Your Passion For Golf Can Change Your Life

Passion for Golf

Turn Your Passion on the Green Into a Golf Job

Whether you grew up playing golf, or have been introduced to the game recently, you have probably experienced the incredible rush of a well-played shot.
It’s the kind of feeling that often sparks a lifetime passion for the game.

Some golfers were introduced to the sport when they were very young by their parents or older siblings.

They went to the golf course or driving range, were given a short bit of instruction and allowed to swing wildly, often missing the ball completely.

Others joined friends on golf outings later in life and got the bug.

Your passion for golf can change your life in many ways:

  • A Florida golf school can show you how to make golf a rewarding career.
  • You’ll experience personal growth and development.
  • Your character will be tested and strengthened.
  • You’ll develop new friends and deepen your relationships with old friends.

As a career, there are many different golf jobs available to you.

Each path leads to a position that can be financially rewarding, psychologically fulfilling and allow you to work in the golf industry.

Here are several examples.

1. Tour Professional Tour professional is one of the highest profile golf jobs in the golf industry because it is what everybody sees on TV every week. Also, as a young person, many kids dream of making the tour and winning a major tournament. While it is challenging, the rewards are great. Professional golfers are compensated better than ever before in the history of the game. In fact, in the old days it was not unusual for country clubs to not even allow professional golfers in the clubhouse. Times have changed — top tour professionals are lauded wherever they go, are welcome in the most exclusive enclaves and make very good money.

2. Club Professional You can still be a golf pro without going on tour. Other golf jobs are club professionals who work at a country club, resort or golf course. They have a number of responsibilities including organizing competitions, making sure tee times run smoothly, supervising the course maintenance operation, overseeing teaching programs, mentoring promising juniors and perhaps even coaching themselves. While club pros are responsible for a number of activities not directly involving playing, it is a great opportunity to be involved in golf, yet avoid the drawbacks of a life on the road that a tour professional experiences.

3. Groundskeeper One golf career that is very important, yet not widely known by the general public is that of greenskeeper. In today’s world, golf courses are being asked to do more with their grounds than ever before. The public, government, and the golfing community want courses to reduce water usage and be environmentally friendly. They want courses to avoid harsh chemicals as much as possible. A blend of science and art, maintaining the landscaping, irrigation and maintenance of a golf course is challenging, fulfilling and interesting. This is a golf job that involves continuous training and education.

4. Teaching Professional If you’ve ever attempted to teach something you know well to a beginner, you know how difficult it can be to impart information to another person. A good teaching professional can break down the seemingly complex golf swing into simple concepts that an average amateur golfer can understand. Golfers are renowned for their voracious appetite to learn more, try different methods and continually seek to improve their game. A teaching professional will meet a variety of golfers with different skill levels. Teaching professionals themselves must stay current on the latest technological advances in order to provide golfers with the most current thinking and approaches in learning the game. It is a rewarding position that can last a lifetime.

5. Retail Manager Few sports have the constant flow of new products and services than golf. A golf job in retail means you will never be bored because you will be the first to see the latest clubs, clothing, equipment and training available to the golfing public. Golfers love to purchase new products in a never-ending quest to improve their game. Retail consultants must be able to explain how new technology, equipment and clothing will help them. For example, few golfers understand how important it is to get properly fitted for golf clubs. The do not understand the vagaries of shaft kick points, different golf grips and clubhead bounce. As a retail professional, you can help them understand these concepts, and why it pays to invest in the best equipment possible. You’ll gain golf retail industry knowledge at a quality Florida Golf University. <<Interested in learning more about golf careers? Download our FREE golf career guide!>>

Personal Growth

Beyond the career opportunities, there are inner rewards that come from playing golf.

It helps you build patience, persistence and tenacity.

The game does not appear to be difficult at first.

After all, the ball is sitting perfectly still on the ground.

No one is bowling it toward you like in cricket, nor are they throwing it over the plate like in baseball.

They are not hitting it at you like a tennis serve.

Yet, as anybody that has attempted the game knows, moving the ball from its stationary position on the ground in front of you is more difficult than it seems.
The physical challenge is one thing. The mental challenge is a much tougher bridge to cross.

Dr. Seuss Golf Quote

Work Through the Process

Because the game seems so simple, and can be so challenging for many people, they become easily frustrated.

To work through the frustration demands you develop your mental toughness skills.

You have to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and work on those areas that are preventing you from improving your scores.

A Florida Golf University can show you how to manage this process.

The hidden benefit of doing the hard work of personal growth is you will find you can apply those same skills to everyday life.

For example, by developing more patience on the golf course, you may discover you are more patient in dealing with family, friends and business associates.

By improving your mental focus on the golf course, you’ll discover you become aware of opportunities you can use the same skills on the job or at home.

In effect, your passion for the game of golf has the ability to elevate your entire life if you take the time to accept what the sport is giving you, and use that opportunity as a vehicle for personal development.

Personal Character

There are no referees on the golf course.

Golfers are tasked with monitoring their own play, and calling penalties on themselves if need be.

Unlike any other game, golf relies on the character and integrity of the players themselves. It’s an honor system, and it is the very foundation of the sport.

P.G. Wodehouse Golf Quote
Many a golfer has been tempted to take unfair advantage of a situation if they realize they’re playing partners cannot see them and will never know if they have broken any rules.

For this reason, golf is a tremendous test of character and honesty.

In many ways, golf is as much a test of character as it is a test of skill and talent.

It is likely the way a golfer comports themselves on the course during competition will be much the way they act in day-to-day life off the links.

Friends For Life

One of the greatest gifts you receive from your passion for the game of golf is the lifelong friendships you develop on the course.

A round of golf lasts several hours.

You are with the same three people the whole time — challenging each other and cheering each other on.

You discuss the latest events in your lives and perhaps share opinions and thoughts about politics, economics, business, family and more.
The modern world is a fast-paced, high-tech, impersonal environment.

In contrast, golf allows you to get to know someone in a relaxed, natural setting.

You regain some of the humanity that is lost in our daily lives when you take time to build relationships and friendships through the game.

Three Putting
An additional benefit to the social aspects of the sport is many business deals are advanced on the golf course.

In business it is also important you spend time with prospects and customers away from the office.

Golf is the perfect vehicle to get away from the formalities of the office and develop business relationships.

Even if the details of actual business deals are not discussed on the course, better relationships help close sales when everyone gets back to the boardroom.

Change Your Life

Your passion for the game of golf can change your life in many ways.

There many a golf jobs that offer a rewarding career, personal growth and the opportunity to build friendships that last a lifetime.

Whatever path you choose, you can be sure you’ll be rewarded many times over for the passion you exhibit for the sport you love.

If you are looking at Florida Golf schools, the College of Golf is ready to help you develop your interest into a successful golf career.

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