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Golf Teaching and Learning, MS


Keiser University’s Master of Science in Golf Teaching and Learning offers an intensive program that provides golf instructors, and those aspiring to become golf instructors, with theoretical and practical knowledge in teaching and learning concepts such as the science of the golf swing, the science of learning, motor skill acquisition, facilitating the adult golfer, teaching the youth golfer, and the business of teaching. The curriculum prepares students for careers in the golf instruction industry.

Program Objectives

The overall objective of the program is to provide the student with the highest level of educational value to provide the tools necessary for success in teaching the game of golf. The program goals are:

  • Identify broad based program goals consistent with the program’s mission.
  • To develop students’ skills and abilities as golf instructors by interleaving the various mental, physical, age-specific, and conceptual aspects relating to golf instruction.
  • To provide students with a framework from which they can further develop their teaching strategies, philosophies, and practices and be able to mentor less-experienced golf instructors.
  • To expose students to the concepts and practice of live research.
  • Expose students to the proper physical and mental competencies required of golf instructors.
  • Develop students’ abilities to analyze and make decisions regarding management of golf instructional programs, facilities and equipment, and staff.
  • Provide students the opportunity to demonstrate effective teaching techniques, including in the areas of golf fitness and nutrition.
  • Provide students with a theoretical understanding of how learning and motor skill development occur.
  • Provide students a background in the differences between pedagogy and andragogy.
  • Ensure students understand research concepts and techniques and conduct a theoretically sound research project.

This program is delivered online with an optional on-campus residency.

Pre-requisites for Major Courses


Program Outline

To receive a Master of Science in Golf Teaching and Learning degree, students must earn graduate semester credit hours as described below. The length of this program is approximately 24 months.

  • The Science of the Golf Swing (3.0 credit hours)
  • The Science of Learning (3.0 credit hours)
  • Motor Skill Acquisition (3.0 credit hours)
  • acilitating the Adult Golfer (3.0 credit hours)
  • Teaching the Youth Golfer (3.0 credit hours)
  • Golf Fitness and Nutrition (3.0 credit hours)
  • The Mental Aspect of Teaching: Problem Solving and Critical Thinking in Golf (3.0 credit hours)
  • Science of the Short Game (3.0 credit hours)
  • The Business of Teaching Golf (3.0 credit hours)
  • Action Research I (3.0 credit hours)
  • Action Research II (3.0 credit hours)
  • Capstone: Golf Teaching and Learning (3.0 credit hours)