What About Golf Apps?

What About Golf Apps?
Donna White, LPGA Hall of Fame Member

Donna White

When it comes to digital technology and golf, there are a multitude of golf apps one can download on an Apple or Android device for free or for a minimal fee.

The available apps typically fall into specific categories, such as golf game, course and distance measurement, swing, club and ball assessment, and golf statistics.

In researching some of the most favorite golf apps, the following stand out in some specific categories.

Golf GPS ( Range/Distance) Apps:

There are many free apps you can download that provide you with GPS course maps and built in distance measuring.

According to Global Golf, the number one downloaded GPS app is Free Caddie.

The free version only allows you to download a single course, while if you upgrade to the PRO version ($5.95/year) the number of courses is unlimited.

Another free App is the Swing by Swing Golf GPS Rangefinder, which also has an upgraded version that includes tracking your play stats.

Golf Scorecard Apps:

Several apps allow you to keep your personal score, as well as those of your playing partners.

The Golf Shotapp allows you to input your score and game statistics, then emails you not only your current data, but allows you to graph and chart all statistics.

You can also view your game statistics in real time while you are playing.

This app includes touch point map positioning, which shows the distance from any point, tee to green. The upgrade for this runs approximately $30. is another stat app resource.

Rules Apps:

While is an awesome website available for rules, they also have an app available for an annual fee.

Golf Instruction:

If you have ever typed in the word “golf” during an internet search, you probably are attuned to the many instruction pop-ups you now get. recommends a popular free app, My Pro To Go .

This app allows you to film your swing from the side and back (down the line), then uploads and sends video to a certified instructor for feedback.

A customized lesson plan and access to a video library are also available. While the app is free, the lesson rates start at $39.

Visulax Golf ($ 4.99) is an app that provides relaxation, visualization, course strategy techniques and daily goal setting tips.

SwingSmart is a more expensive app that includes a golf club sensor, delivering 3-D swing data onto your phone or pad.

You also get swing tips from a Top 100 leading golf instructor.

Golf Game Apps:

These apps vary from hitting a ball to a target to playing on a virtual golf course.

Super Stickman Golf is a free app that has 250 levels in which you guide your Stickman golfer across various course layouts.

There are a multitude of other golf “games” available to enjoy.

In conclusion, if one wishes to play virtual golf courses, track scoring data, learn swing tendencies, or simply fill leisure time playing a golf game, it’s out there.

The three most important apps to me would be golf statistics tracking, the rules, and the distance and range finder apps.

Your golf statistics show how well you are applying lessons or shots learned on the range to the course.

Having a handy rules app empowers you and your playing partners when those special or questionable rules situations arise, assuring all are playing in compliance with the rules.

The rangefinder apps not only help you chart your strategy and select your club, but may also speed up play. Plus, think of the money saved over hiring a caddy.

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