5 Reasons Why You Should Date a Golfer

Date a Golfer
Single people now make up more than half the adult population in the United States.

That’s a lot of people. If you are single and looking for quality dates, you should focus on golfers. Here’s why:

1.  They Look Sharp
Nothing ruins a date faster than when the other person dresses like they just rolled out of bed.

You don’t have to worry about that when you date a golfer.

They are obsessed with having the best golf clothing and gear.

Golfers try everything to shave a few strokes off their score, including wearing the latest cool fashions.

2. They’re Composed.

Dating can be stressful. Golfers are great dates because they have lots of experience in stressful situations.
When you have to par the last three holes to win a tight battle with your biggest rival, you can’t afford to get overly excited.

This is especially true when you proceed to bogey the very next hole with an ill-advised shot over some power lines because you somehow sliced your drive into an adjoining soybean field.

Golfers are not fazed by pressure situations because they’ve been in them many times.

Dating is a snap.

Golf is the only sport where you face a 50-foot double-breaking downhill putt on the final hole of a hotly contested match with your brother-in-law, the one who is always coughing in your backswing.

Nothing that will happen on your date will upset them after that.

3. They’re Punctual.

There’s nothing worse than waiting for a first date at a coffee shop, pretending to look at your phone while ordering your third Cafè Macchiato because they are late.

Even if their excuse that they “ran into traffic” on a day with no cars on the road is somehow valid, you’ve had so much coffee by then you want to race home and paint the house to work off the excess energy.

Golfers make it a point to be punctual – they wouldn’t miss a premium tee time if their life depended on it.

4. They Know Their Shortcomings and Learn From Their Mistakes

In golf, you can only improve if you acknowledge your weaknesses and strive to improve.

If your beau is a golfer and they wind up in the doghouse, you can bet that they can and will do better in the future.

5. They’re Fun!

Life never moves slower than on a boring date.

Golfers keep things lively and interesting.

They have traveled many places and met colorful characters on the way.

Rather than a boring tale about their new job as the VP of counting staples, golfers might tell you about the time they were paired up with Samuel Jackson at a pro-am event — not only was he a great golfer, but he kept repeating famous movie lines after every shot.

Dating is stressful, especially first dates.

Avoid the hassle of dating boring people who are never on time and easily ruffled.

Golfers are calm, cool characters who love to laugh and always keep things pleasant.

They’ll arrive on time, make the first date fun, and you’ll look forward to seeing them again and again.

What more could you ask for?

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