Who is in Your Dream Golf Team?

Who is in Your Dream Golf Team?
By Dr. Eric C. Wilson, PGA Legacy Master Professional
Executive Director of Golf Operations
Keiser University College of Golf

While this might seem an easy choice for some, this required a lot of serious thought on my part. Of course, I thought initially of my wife, my late father, and dearly departed friend Buddy Allin.

Then I remembered my colleagues at The College of Golf, but there are six of them, and “gangsomes” are usually frowned on at most golf courses.

Reaching back in the crevasses of my historical-focused brain, I finally decided on the following: Bobby Jones, the greatest amateur of all time and rightfully ranked as the most dominant player of his day; Ben Hogan, a hero of mine from my younger days and most likely the hardest working man in the game while he played; and finally, Moe Norman, acknowledged as the greatest ball-striker of all time.

Of course, the game would be played on The Old Course at St. Andrews, where I was fortunate to play in The British Amateur in 1976. I’m sure the town would shut down (once again) to welcome their prodigal son Bobby Jones back to the links.

The most logical question now becomes, “Who is Your Dream Foursome?” This would be a great topic to explore at your next visit to the 19th hole with your current playing partners. Be prepared to defend your choices, especially if the discussion turns to a “best of all time” debate!

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