Who Are The World's Most Famous Golfers?

world's most famous golfers
There have been so many luminaries in the world of golf over the years, it is difficult to determine who are the world’s most famous golfers, dead or alive.
However, these five names stand out above the rest because of their wins and contribution to the game.
In addition, each has star quality, the elusive “X factor” that makes them rise above mere superstars, and become legends of the game.

Bobby Jones

Believe it or not, Bobby Jones never played golf as a professional.
He was an amateur during his entire career.
His amateur status did not diminish his winning ways.
He hauled in four US Opens as well as three British Open Championships during a seven-year period.
He also captured the US Amateur Championship five times and the British Amateur Championship one time.
At the tender age of 28, he gave up the competitive side of the game for good.

Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan‘s legend resonates through the golf world today, many years after he stormed the world’s fairways with what some call the most perfect golf swing ever.
He was the epitome of dedication, practicing every day for hours.
In 1953, Hogan had one of the most productive single years in the history of the Professional Golf Association.
He achieved what is now known as the “Hogan Slam.” He captured five of six competitions he signed up for, including three majors.

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer came on the professional golf scene at the same time television infiltrated the living rooms of America.
A dashing figure with a constant cigarette in his hand, he would toss it aside just before he lashed a drive down the center of the fairway.
His devil-may-care style and go-for-broke mentality created a legion of fans known as “Arnie’s Army.” Palmer may have done more to popularize the game of golf than any other player.

Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus was considered a young, brash upstart when Arnie ruled the fairways of the PGA in the 1960s.
It wasn’t long before he came out of Arnold’s shadow to dominate the sport.
With a sweeping, powerful swing, he drove the ball farther than most golfers of his day, and followed up with incredible putting.
On top of all that, he demonstrated incredible mental strength and course strategy.
All of these skills combined to haul in 73 tour victories which included 18 majors.

Tiger Woods

Despite his recent challenges, Tiger Woods is perhaps the greatest player to play the game.
He burst onto the scene by winning The Masters by 12 strokes in 1997.
A golf prodigy from the time he was a child, he has incredible power off the tee, an amazing short game, deft putting and a killer instinct that makes competitors fear his name when they face him on any given Sunday.
So far he has 14 major wins, and 79 tour victories, a PGA record.
No matter how the rest of his career unfolds, for many years he was the most exciting player in the game, and is recognized by golfers and non-golfers alike around the globe.
These five golfers played pivotal roles during their respective times in the limelight.
For that reason, their fame transcends their individual play, and they are truly some of the game’s most famous golfers, dead or alive.
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