What’s the Worst Weather You’ve ever Played a Round of Golf In?

David Wixson Worst Weather
by David Wixson, PGA Master Professional, Keiser University College of Golf Professor

What’s the Worst Weather You’ve ever Played a Round of Golf In? Did You Play All 18 Holes?

I once played a qualifier for a Nike Tour event at the Moors Golf Club in Milton FL, near Pensacola.

I don’t remember the exact month, but I’m guessing it was February or early March.

Weather in Florida is generally pretty good, but not always, especially in winter on the panhandle.

I no longer recall the exact conditions, but it was probably 40 degrees at most, windy and raining.

The rain was so bad at one point that we had about a 90 minute rain delay.

I had finished 15 holes, I believe, and was really hoping they would cancel the event because I didn’t want to go back out on the course.

It stopped raining, but seemed even colder when they sent us back out on the course.

I did finish the round, shot 83 or 85 I think (who cares) and thought it was a good round.

I recall 76 or 78 was the low round that day.

I didn’t wait around to see, just got in my car, turned on the heat and drove back to Alabama.

I’ve played other rounds when it was colder, and I have played in rain and wind, but I’ve never played in a worse combination of cold, rain and wind than that day.

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