What’s Your Favorite "19th" Hole?

What’s Your Favorite “19th” Hole?
By Brian Hughes, PGA Master Professional,
Golf Program Director, Keiser University College of Golf

Brian Hughes - 12-16

According to Wikipedia, the Nineteenth Hole is a slang term for a pub, bar, or restaurant on or near the golf course, very often the clubhouse itself.

A standard round of golf has only eighteen holes, so golfers will say they are at the Nineteenth Hole, meaning they are enjoying a beverage after the game.

As to my favorite Nineteenth Hole, there are many (not to imply I have spent TOO much time at any of them).

Any pub in Ireland is great, but the atmosphere of a true Irish golf course clubhouse is ideal for a real golf fanatic.

The old photos on the walls, the window views, the accents of the servers and yes, the taste of a freshly poured Guinness all combine for my ideal post round atmosphere.


I feel the same way about Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina, except the accents are slightly different.

As for the less known establishments, my frequent stop after golf used to be J.J. Muldoon’s in Rockville, Maryland.

One of my favorite aspects of the visit is shelling fresh peanuts onto the floor.

It’s just something about being encouraged to make a mess that I enjoy, as I would get in trouble for it at home.

Speaking of home, I would be remiss without mentioning Flaps, a small bar in Potomac, Maryland, that was a favorite meeting point for me and my then girlfriend (now wife) after work or my rounds of golf.

Likely, I would be in more trouble if I didn’t mention that one!

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