What was Your Favorite Thing at the PGA Merchandise Show This Year?

What was Your Favorite Thing at the PGA Merchandise Show This Year?
By Brian Hughes, PGA Master Professional
Keiser University College of Golf

As an instructor, I am always interested in the latest in training devices. These aids run anywhere from inexpensive items such as alignment tools for putting or full swings all the way up to simulators that cost upwards of $50,000. Not having that much money to spend on a simulator, my focus is normally toward the lower end products.

One item that caught my eye this year at the PGA Merchandise show was a little more expensive than an alignment stick, but a long way from the second mortgage required for a simulator, and it is called the MEVO. This little device from the makers of Flight Scope launch monitors does a great job of reading club and ball speed, launch angles, spin rates, and carry distances for the player. While not providing as much detail as the launch monitors we use in our lessons and training at Keiser University, it is an excellent tool for an individual to provide a golfer with real-time data to help improve distance control at home or on the range. While they are not giving them away, at $499 these devices are about the same price as a new driver and likely will provide more benefit to the golfer in the long run.

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