What Type of Jobs can I get at a Golf Course? [Infographic]

what type of jobs can I get at a golf course
Not everyone can be a PGA Tour player, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an opportunity to earn a living from golf.
There are a variety of jobs available at your local golf course that can keep you around the game you love.

• Starter – As a starter, you maintain the tee times and make sure players start promptly.

• Ranger – This job allows you to travel the course to monitor play and help golfers.

• Golf Course Maintenance –You will take care of all aspects of the course’s grass as you look after the golf course.

• Golf Shop Staff – You will help register golfers for play and may help with managing tee times.

• Marketing – This creative position produces brochures, programs and other material to attract new customers, sponsors and tournaments.

• Food and Beverage – Many golf courses have a restaurant or snack bar for players to enjoy after a round. There is also the food and beverage cart that patrols the course selling refreshments.

• Golf Car Maintenance – If you are well-versed in working on vehicles, you can repair and maintain the course’s golf cars.

You can download a free Golf Career Guide at Keiser University College of Golf and find out about even more careers.