What Is the X-factor in Golf [Infographic]

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Golf is a complex game of many moving parts. Golf instructors have been searching for the “holy grail” of teaching methods, In 1992 Jim McLean found it and devised a teaching system to explain the golf swing and to help other golfers create more power in their individual swings.

The system he developed is called the X-Factor.

Begin by imagining an “X” transposed over the golfer’s head.

To use this teaching method for the utmost benefit, the golfer must:

• Turn to separate the upper part of the body from the lower
• At the beginning of the downswing begin with the lower body
• Do not stop or slow the motion
• Forcibly continue the swing well through the impact area
• Make the full turn beginning with the lower body
• Rotate the upper body in a sequence looking toward the target
• Practice this new swing until it becomes your swing
• Visualize the “X” and the various positions of the shoulders in the swing

The key difference between golfers with long drives and those normal drivers is the degree of difference between the shoulders and the core of the body at the top of the backswing.

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