What is the Best Way to Putt? [Infographic]

What is the Best Way to Putt

Should you stroke:

  • Straight back and straight through – (Pelz)
  • Let the putter move in an arc – (Utley)
  • Move the putter inside to down the line – (Stockton)

While each of these methods is technically correct and works for those who commit to using them.

There are certain “imperatives” in putting on which almost all great teachers agree.

Number one

You must learn to hit the ball in the center of the putter face; that is the only way to produce consistent speed control, which equals accurate distance.

If you can’t roll the ball a consistent distance, then you can’t predict an accurate break/borrow.

Number two

You must learn to control the face of the putter so that it is square to your intended line at impact on every stroke.

If you can’t hit the ball where you are aiming, only luck will allow you to make putts.

Number three

You must be able to “read” the green/putting surface accurately to predict how much the putt will break at the appropriate speed.

Practice Practice Practice

Numbers one and two can be practiced anywhere – spend ten minutes a day putting at a table leg in your home/office from three feet.

Use face tape to monitor center contact.

Keep a log of how many putts hit the table leg to monitor squareness of your putter face at impact.

The only way to really practice reading greens/putting surfaces is to spend time on the greens/putting surfaces.

This means that you should find a practice putting green that you can use as often as possible, and daily if feasible.

Focus on these three imperatives, practice them diligently, and you will see your putting statistics improve.

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