What is One Item in Your Golf Bag You Can’t Live Without and Why?

What is One Item in Your Golf Bag You Can’t Live Without, and Why?

By Brian Hughes, PGA Master Professional, Keiser University College of Golf Program Director

Brian Hughes can't live without this in his golf bag
When contemplating the answer to this question, I had to think about what was in the bag, other than clubs and golf balls. The results of my inventory include: Range Finder (I could do without if need be), sunscreen (it rains so much I hardly ever play in the sun), umbrella (time to quit if it’s raining that hard), extra gloves (necessary, but I’m pretty easy on gloves), and rules book (I’m pretty good on the rules and they’re all changing soon anyway). Then I found the most necessary, overlooked item in the bag for me – a Sharpie pen.

Why the Sharpie? The rules of golf say that you need to be able to identify your golf ball when playing because if you play a ball that isn’t yours, it’s a two-stroke penalty and you still have to find/play the correct ball.

Since I happen to play the most popular brand of ball in the world (Titleist), and I can never seem to remember what number ball I have in play at the time, a single dot placed below and to the right of the number serves as information to me that yes, this is my ball.

This system has worked better for me than any other way of identifying the ball (I used to have my initials printed on the ball by the manufacturer, then I realized that Ben Hogan might be playing that day), and I don’t have to trust my memory with any additional details.

So, if you are out playing someday and you find a Titleist with a single black dot below the number, please return it to the Keiser University College of Golf; it is, unfortunately, one I likely lost.

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