Why You Should Wear a Golf Glove [Infographic]

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Why You Should Wear a Golf Glove

Golfers can benefit from the use of a glove. If you currently play without a glove, you may want to reconsider.

  • The glove helps you to be one with the club’s grip because it is tackier than plain skin. It helps prevent your hand from slipping and turning, especially during hot, sweaty rounds.
  • You can use the glove to aid you with your grip. Some players even mark their gloves to ensure that their grip is correct before the swing starts.
  • Most gloves also come with a ball marker attached. This makes it much faster and easier to mark your ball when you get to the dance floor.
  • They help to reduce calluses and blisters on your hands.
  • During those sweaty rounds, you can use the back of the glove to wipe your brow and improve your chances of making a better swing. A glove is much easier and “handier” than a towel.
  • It’s safer to throw a glove than a club when you have a less than desirable shot.
  • You can spray gloves with additional products to increase the tackiness.
  • The tan line caused by the glove can help to spark a conversation in public.

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