Top 10 Unwritten Golf Rules [Infographic]

top 10 unwritten golf rules
Golf is a game of rules and traditions. From the clothes you wear to the number of clubs you can have in your golf bag during a tournament, there are many regulations that must be adhered to.
There are also a number of unwritten golf rules that every golfer should know by heart.

  • After a round of golf, players should always remove their hats when shaking hands.
  • Don’t stand where your shadow covers another golfer’s ball or is the line of the shot.
  • Be sure to tap the sand off your golf shoes after you dig your ball out of a bunker.
  • Pay attention to the signs and keep your golf cart on the path.
  • Rake the bunker after you have traipsed through it. When finished, keep the rake inside the sand trap.
  • If faster golf pair is right behind you, let them play through and don’t hold up their round.
  • Yelling “fore!” may not be cool, but it can save someone from a concussion – or save their life – when you hit a wayward ball.
  • Leave the course in better shape than when you started the day. This means fixing any ball marks or divots.
  • By all means, be quiet when someone is hitting.
  • Tip your caddie, beverage cart and others doing their jobs that allow you to have fun on the course.

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