Tips to Practice Golf at Home: Professor Brian Hughes Weighs In

Tips to Practice Golf at Home: Professor Brian Hughes Weighs In

Brian Hughes - 12-16

By Brian Hughes, PGA Master Professional,
Golf Program Director, Keiser University College of Golf

Practice at home can take many forms, and having grown up in the Snow Belt, I can honestly say I consider myself an expert at trying to improve at golf while stranded inside my house.

Depending upon your motivation level, as well as your golf experience, practice can be targeted toward learning basic fundamentals, refining swing movements, or working on the mental side of the game.

Basic fundamentals such as refining your grip, stance and posture in front of a mirror is an excellent way to ensure your pre-swing components are where you want them to be.

As for the golf swing itself, simply swinging a club (preferably very slowly) in the yard or in the house is an excellent way to work on swing tempo and timing, and is also good for keeping your golf muscles stretched out.

Try to swing at an object (whiffle balls, dandelions, weeds, etc.), just be careful not to take divots out of your yard, carpets or furniture.

As for the mental side of the game, there are countless books on the market that can be great reads in your down time.


Mental game subjects can vary from:

  • how to improve your on-course routines,
  • learning to focus better and dealing with nerves,
  • anxiety,
  • frustration,
  • and all the other fun things we face on the course.

My best advice can be stolen from any number of television advertisements: “Please consult an expert before attempting anything on your own.”

If you enjoyed this golf tip, here’s how you can get even more. Contact Keiser University College of Golf about the first steps to golf career.

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