The Story of My Life: The Ideal Actor to Relay My Journey

The Story of My Life: The Ideal Actor to Relay My Journey
By Donna White
LPGA T&C Hall of Fame Member and Keiser University College of Golf Instructor

story of my life

I recently was asked, ‘If a movie was made about your golfing career, who would be cast as you?’ My mind immediately began evaluating the personality traits one might assign to me.

Externally the casting agent could be visualizing an energetic, passionate, intense, driven, and competitive individual. With a high expectation of self and others, she is a dedicated life-long learner and an outdoor sports and fitness enthusiast who enjoys a challenge – all with a strong-will and determined attitude.

As for the internal side of me, they may surmise that I am an extroverted-introvert of sorts. While enjoying quiet time with family and friends, I love helping others network for great causes, and then back out myself, likely, because I do not seek and relish the limelight, but appreciate it if it does happen.

Thanks to life’s experiences, I also believe daydreams will become reality, and continually pull for the underdog because I was one.

In the early 70’s, I played my first national junior girl’s championship at a very prominent private country club in Augusta, Georgia. An unknown from a public golf course and working-class family in Eastern North Carolina, I had made it to the semifinals of the prestigious event. A prominent sports magazine covering the tournament deemed me the ‘dark horse’ of the event liking me as ‘kinfolk’ from the tobacco fields of Eastern Carolina. As a small town girl, it made me proud to represent my ‘kinfolk’ throughout a successful Ladies Professional Golf Association tour and teaching career that has led me to the LPGA Teaching and Club Professional Hall of Fame. Go, underdogs!

As I further contemplated the question, all of the typing and introspection regarding the ideal actor to embrace my character had made me decide to visit the World Wide Web to research actors. In my search, I discovered a casting quiz. After answering the 10 questions, the actor matched to play Donna H. White was one of my favorites – Kerry Washington! Apparently, Washington is fun loving, independent, she enjoys fitness, and is described as ‘fearless,’ while taking life head-on. Many might consider her an underdog as an African American woman, starring in Scandal, one of television’s most successful series.

I thought the match made sense.

Then, my mind immediately raced to the character Washington plays on the series. I had to resist the temptation to go back to the online casting quiz to assure the counterpart was with Washington, not her character Olivia Pope, who as a media consultant for the President of the United States, takes advantage of and eliminates anyone and anything to clean or cover up all unpleasant circumstances.

A comparison to Olivia Pope? Ouch. I am competitive and driven, but not to Pope’s extent! A few people in my career may have witnessed the persistence portrayed by her character. However, I am hopeful most would liken actor Kerry Washington to play Donna H. White.

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