The Secret the Pros Know

By Dr. T. J. Tomasi, Keiser University College of Golf Senior Faculty and Director of Research

The secret move is to keep the seal. That is, your trail wrist stays hinged until just after release.


If you’re like most golfers, you probably hinge your trail wrist backward at the top of your swing with your hand at right angles to your forearm – and that’s a good thing. But unlike players on Tour, many golfers don’t keep that angle through impact, and that is not a good thing. Maintaining your trail wrist cup allows you to produce the correct lag on the shaft, keeping the hands ahead of the clubhead until after impact.  


If you lack power – especially hitting a full sand wedge – you’re probably releasing the club too early. By “too early,” I mean that you’re losing the angle between your trail hand (right for right-handers) and the back of your trail forearm during your downswing — before you should.


To produce the feel I’m talking about, take your normal grip on the club, then move your lead thumb (left for right-handers) off the shaft and wrap it over your trail wrist where the bend is – then apply a sealing pressure ‘thumb to the wrist.’ 


Next, take a few half-practice swings in slow motion with a short iron using this grip alteration, and notice how it keeps the trail wrist angle intact and the clubhead behind the hands – in a lag position. Lastly, hit some chips, then a few short pitches to memorize the feel of a lagged clubface.


The key is to retain the trail wrist angle while you ‘lose’ the trail elbow angle. 

Trail wrist angle preserved

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  1. Came upon your article while watching the U.S. Open, tried doing what you outlined with my thumb over my left wrist. Made sense and then tried with my pitching wedge in my basement. Felt comfortable and Next move will try at a practice facility.

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