The 5 Benefits of Attending a Golf College: Exploring Advantages for Aspiring Golfers

The Five Benefits of Attending a Golf College: Exploring Advantages for Aspiring Golfers

By Bradley Turner Keiser University College of Golf Director of Online Golf Instruction – MBA, PGA

Deciding to enroll in a college program is never an easy proposition. Colleges and universities prepare students with the knowledge and skills to make a difference in their chosen fields of study. Earning a college degree continues to be a major advantage in career success and higher lifetime earnings than those without a degree. At the Keiser University College of Golf, there are additional benefits to the program specifically designed to support the student experience of those addicted to the great game of golf. Here are five benefits of attending a golf college that you might not have considered but might just be what you need to know to start your journey in the golf world.

1. Opportunity to Get Support with Your Golf Game

If you are considering enrolling with the College of Golf, you are, first and foremost, an addicted golfer. Why else would you consider this type of career unless you were passionate about playing golf? At the College of Golf, the professional faculty have years of experience teaching the game, managing golf operations, and growing the game of golf. As part of the program, students can play and practice seven days a week while receiving quality golf instruction in a world-class learning environment. The College of Golf campus has the latest in golf technology to help students advance their playing skills and learn about the science of the golf swing. You will not be learning to play by yourself or by viewing YouTube videos. You will be part of a community of professional faculty members that are dedicated to your academic success as well as to improving your golf game.

2. A Variety of Programs That Can Lead to a Career in Golf

The College of Golf at the Keiser University Flagship campus is home to some unique programs that give students a variety of choices in which to major. The College of Golf initially offered an Associate of Science degree in Golf Management and later expanded to a Bachelor’s degree. You can also choose from Sports Management or Exercise and Sport Science degree programs, expanding opportunities beyond the golf industry. Additionally, the Keiser University College of Golf launched the Master’s degree in Golf Teaching and Learning in the fall of 2021.

We are excited to announce that the College of Golf will offer the Associate of Science degree in Turfgrass Management this upcoming fall, 2023. This program will be offered on campus to university students as well as online for those that prefer to learn from a home environment. The program aims to prepare students to assume leadership positions in the golf course maintenance and turfgrass industries.

3. Students Expand Their Golf Network

One of the benefits of attending any of the College of Golf programs is the exposure students receive to the many facets of the golf industry. The faculty members at the College of Golf have an amazing network of friends, peers, employers, and strategic partners that can immediately expand a student’s golf network. Utilizing the community resources in South Florida includes part-time employment at the many area golf facilities available for any student. Volunteer opportunities are another avenue to broaden a student’s connection to the golf world as they prepare for success after graduation. Lastly, students can connect with alumni who are an excellent resource for employment opportunities.

4. Students Receive an Education that Prepares Them for Future Success

For students enrolled at the College of Golf at the Keiser University Flagship campus, we want you to have the college experience you deserve. You will skip the massive lecture halls and overcrowded classes. Instead, you will be at a university where you come first, where professors know your name, and where you can tailor your education to your career goals. We are committed to a “student first” philosophy demonstrated through quality teaching, learning, and research. The university is committed to providing students with opportunities to develop the knowledge, understanding, and skills necessary for successful employment.

5. It is Still a College Experience

It is true that your primary purpose in attending college is to prepare for life after graduation. Yet, a college experience prepares you for many other life benefits that go beyond academics. One of the more powerful aspects of college is the lifelong relationships you will forge with your classmates. I am in my 32nd year in higher education, and it is still great to see the connection on social media between my former students and classmates. College also challenges you with managing your time while developing your professional skills and social relationships. At the Keiser University Flagship campus, you may stay in traditional dormitories, attend college athletic events, and enjoy the social life in South Florida. Sounds like an awesome college experience to me.

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