The 3 Types of Finish Position for Your Golf Swing

By Dr. T. J. Tomasi, Keiser University College of Golf Senior Faculty and Director of Research

Although the ball is long gone, the finish position is a key swing position that will allow you to match your swing to a pro swing model to see how it stacks up. The model assumes a right-handed golfer who is hitting a straight shot.

The Finish

The gymnasts call it ‘sticking’ your finish, and good things will happen when you stick your finish in golf.  The particular look of the finish depends on body type, but the general anatomy of your full-swing Kodak Moment (KM) is similar for most makeups.

1) Your weight is balanced on the front foot, with the back foot acting as a rudder

2) Your hips are perpendicular to the target line

3) Your shoulders have rotated past perpendicular with your right shoulder in advance of the left.

4) Everything you own – your nose, belt buckle, right knee, etc.- is pointing at the target.

But while this template is the same for all Kodak Moments, there are variations caused by your body type, such as how you’re built, your strength, how you release the club, and of most importance, your flexibility.

The Arc Player

Long-time tour player Tiger Woods is an Arc player at this stage of his long career and finishes in the reverse “C” position, which requires a good deal of trunk flexibility. His arms are high over his left shoulder, with his body bowed backward so that his upper body forms a reverse C configuration.

Male Golfer in Follow Through

The Leverage Player

Male Golfer in the Tee Box

A Leverage player should finish with the upper body tilted a bit to the right and the right shoulder slightly lower than the left (a side “C” or bow), ala Keegan Bradley.

The Finish of the Width Player

Male Golfer Teeing Off

If you are a Width Player like big-body Darren Clarke, the finish is erect, in a straight-up “I” position, with your shoulders level with the ground. Your head should be over your left foot with no bend in your back.

The Pose Drill

No matter which finish your body dictates, you can memorize it by repeating the “posing drill.”  Using video or a full-length mirror, close your eyes, swing the club, and pose in your finish for a slow count of three. Open your eyes and make sure you match your prototype.  This is your swings’ Kodak Moment, and your goal should be to nail this position for every full swing.

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