The Correct Swing Path is Never Easy

by Dr. T. J. Tomasi
Keiser University College of Golf Senior Faculty and Director of Research

TJ Tomasi

The correct swing path combines with the correct clubface position to create both the starting direction and curve of the ball, but the correct path is not easy to create.

Due to the hit instinct, it is much more common for the average player to approach the ball using a steep, out-to-in swing path that causes both pulls and pull slices instead of soft draws.

On the other hand, the better player often makes the opposite mistake when it comes to path, coming too much from the inside.

This type of bad path leaves the ball hanging to the right of target, or hooks it too much, depending on what the golfer does with his hands by way of correction through impact.

In any case, neither result is acceptable, so here’s a drill that will shape your path correctly.

Wrap a towel in a spiral or fold it lengthwise and lay it down along the target line parallel to the line you want your ball to start on.

Next, tee up a 7-iron opposite the middle of the towel so the toe of the club is about an inch from the towel.

You’ll want to tee the ball so you don’t have to keep moving the towel to avoid the divot from the last shot.

Now take a few half-power swings to see if you hit the towel.

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When you can swing and not hit the towel, it’s time to increase your swing power until you reach full power with no towel contact.

You could use anything to direct the path of your club — a towel, as I have here, a box, a board or your Rolex watch, depending on how much hard-core feedback you want. In the right-hand photo, my clubhead is moving back inside after looking down at the target at impact.

The clubhead swings on an arc, the angle of which changes as you change clubs.

For example, your 6-iron at address is at a 60-degree angle to the ground, and the arc of the swing will be very close to 60 degrees.

The towel alerts you when you change the angle of the arc too much because you’ll hit it.

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