The Body Angles of Address and Impact are Not the Same

The Body Angles of Address and Impact are Not the Same
By Dr. T. J. Tomasi, Keiser University College of Golf
Senior Faculty and Director of Research

Even today, some antiquated instruction preaches that impact should mirror your address position, but this is obviously not correct. There are three areas of major importance illustrated from our “down the target line view,” namely, our pro model’s knees, hips, and shoulders.  

At address, the hips, shoulders, and knees are parallel to the target line.

At impact, the shoulders are closed to the hips but open to the target line.
Note that impact is so much more dynamic than address.


At address, her knees are parallel left to her intended line of flight. At impact, photo 2, her back knee is about 25 degrees to the left of her original line. Notice how her right heel is off the ground at impact as a consequence of this “opening up” coupled with the transfer of weight to her left foot.


At address, her hips are parallel left to her intended line of flight, but at impact, her hips are open. As evidence, only one belt loop is clearly visible, while at impact, we can see two. This is proof of a good release of hips that were coiled at the top then snap open — and that spells power.


At address, her shoulders are parallel to her intended line of flight, but at impact, they are open — however, not nearly as rotated as her knees or hips. This is a sure sign that she has saved some of the coil she built up on her backswing for release when it counts—through impact. 

Takeaway: To get the feel of the correct impact position and how it differs from address, sole your clubhead behind the ball, then go directly from address to impact without moving the clubhead. Now hold the position and using a mirror, compare it to our model. If you see and feel the correct positions, your chances of getting there for real are greatly improved.

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