How to Stay Cool on the Golf Course this Summer [Infographic]

How to Stay Cool on the Golf Course this Summer

There’s nothing like playing 18-holes of golf on a sunny summer day. But when the temperature rises, don’t let your game meltdown.

Follow these tips to stay cool on the golf course all summer long.

  • Make sure you are properly hydrated.
  • Wear light colored shirts and pants.
  • Breathable clothing materials or moisture wicking items help you stay cool.
  • Sunscreen prevents uncomfortable sunburns.
  • Use a cooling towel on the back of your neck and forehead.
  • Freeze a water bottle then pack it in your golf bag.
  • A hat keeps the sun off your face and neck.
  • Schedule your tee time as early in the day as possible.
  • Stay away from alcohol and drink water or a sports drink.

Follow these tips and you will keep your golf game at the right temperature all summer long.

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