Slower Than Evolution

By Dr. T. J. Tomasi
Keiser University College of Golf Senior Faculty and Director of Research

slower than evolution
So I’m watching the first round of a PGA tour event on one TV and a replay of a classic college football game (Alabama vs Florida State) on another. Ben Crane, a journeyman player, is on screen when the announcer says that Crane — not a very good ball striker in the past, but a heck of a putter — has really improved his swing. “Keep an eye on his swing plane; it’s perfect,” he says, and since this is news to me, I watch — and I watch and I watch some more and still the guy doesn’t hit it. In fact, he hasn’t moved a muscle. It passed through my mind that he might be dead.

Crane has a short iron in his hand and there was no water to negotiate, plus there wasn’t a scintilla of wind – this Thursday shot was about as straightforward as you can get. Meanwhile, I had watched two offensive plays and a punt on the other TV. Finally, Slow Lane Crane steps to the ball, takes his stance, looks back and forth twice at the target and then … he backs off, goes back behind the ball, throws some grass in the air that falls straight down (did I mention there was no wind?), takes two more practice swings, asks his caddie something (probably for more Ambien), and that’s when I screamed “Hit it!” and changed the channel. And if you can believe it, Crane slows down, even more, when he gets to the green.
We play this game in four dimensions – Height, Width (left/right), Depth (distance), and the fourth and often most overlooked dimension when it comes to training is: Time. How well you calibrate your Time IQ will directly influence how well you play. So, if you’re a fast player, you must train yourself not to be upset when playing with a slowpoke. Self-pacing is not a gift; it’s a skill, and you must learn it just as you must any other golf skill. Good players give themselves the gift of Time.

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