Simple Guidelines to Change Your Swing


Simple Guidelines to Change Your Golf Swing

Champions plan their swing changes after thoughtful, in-depth analysis of their game and their goals.

So, if you’re going to change your swing like the pros do, rather than taking the knee-jerk route, follow these simple guidelines:

1) Develop a detailed blueprint for change, including a timeline and how you’ll know when you’re finished.
2) Understand that you probably will get worse before you get better.
3) Via a careful search, find yourself a teaching professional that can help you. Word of mouth is good, but not sufficient. Pick up the phone and check out his or her resume carefully.
4) Be committed to the changes and stick with your instructor for at least two years.
5) Make sure there’s a personality fit between you and your coach.
6) Special note: Listen to only One voice at a time. If you can’t do this, don’t change your swing!

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