10 Rules For a Good Putt [Infographic]

10 rules for a good putt

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We’d all benefit from getting better at putting. After all, nobody likes three putting. Here are 10 things you need to keep in mind for a good putt.

  1. Focus on the greens: Make sure you understand the speed of your putt based off of the various factors of the greens, such as slope.
  2. Aim: Find the front-to-back positioning that offers you the best aim.
  3. Stance: Find a stance that works best for you personally and keep it consistent at all times.
  4. Don’t be a copycat: For your aim and stance, don’t just copy what you think the pros are doing- the right stance and positioning is different for each individual.
  5. Roll for it: Instead of hitting the ball, focus on rolling it. This will give you better control over your distance.
  6. Confidence: If you dread each putt you have to make, it will show in your performance. Come at each stroke ready to conquer.
  7. Evaluate: If you do miss a putt, take a moment to think about what went wrong instead of getting angry with yourself.
  8. Practice your short putt: Get yourself comfortable and confident.
  9. Practice your lag putt: A good lag putt will set you up to finish up with a good short putt.
  10. Don’t stop practicing: Challenge yourself. Practice in the dark. Constantly fine-tune your process.

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