What are the Requirements for Golf Sales Jobs?

golf sales jobs
If there’s one job besides golf pro that it seems like everyone wants, it’s selling for a major golf Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) like Titleist, TaylorMade or Callaway.
Let’s explore the requirements to get hired as an outside sales representative for a major golf brand, and look at other alternatives as well.
Required Skill Sets for Golf Sales Jobs
Perhaps you are a good golfer and have successful sales experience in another field, or you are just starting your career.
Here are some skill sets you want to develop:
Networking Skills. In the business world, companies like to hire people they know, like and trust.
One of your first steps should be to network extensively in the industry.
At this stage, avoid pushing for a job or interview.
Get to know people at tournaments, conferences, outings, association meetings and retail stores.
Present yourself as a friendly, smart, assertive person that others like to be around.
You can start this process right away by getting to know people in your job or at school.
f you are working at a golf course, for example, introduce yourself to people that work there or do business with the course.
If you are in school, get to know your fellow students and instructors.
Selling Skills.
You must be able to demonstrate a record of successful sales in your current job, and show your ability to set goals, identify opportunities, organize resources and overcome challenges to maximize sales and profit.
Communication Skills.
Develop your ability to listen and show people you understand their needs.
Speak clearly and assertively. Write business documents like emails and letters with clarity and conviction.

Computer Skills.
Today’s selling environment is highly technical.
Depending on how the company is set up, you should have familiarity and proficiency with Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) programs and other sales tools, as well as programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
Customer Skills.
Strive for a service mindset that puts clients first.
Help them determine their needs and make sure they are met.
Be creative in finding ways to exceed their requirements within the resources you have at hand.
A look at current sales rep listings at several major golf brands reveals they usually require a degree or equivalent experience, as well as several years of selling experience, preferably managing accounts in an outside sales territory.
They also prefer applicants with experience in the golf industry and that have a strong knowledge of the game.
Top Jobs in High Demand
Getting a job in sales for a major golf brand is not easy, and the jobs are in high demand.
The job itself is not easy either, involving lots of travel and long days.
There are many demonstration events during the day and at night as well, and you’ll want to be available for those.
An alternative to selling for a major brand is to set up as an independent manufacturer’s representative for a number of brands.
You’ll perform many of the same functions as a major brand rep, but the work is just as demanding because you’ll need to know several companies and their product lines.
Golf, like many industries, is largely built on relationships.
Create and nurture strong contacts your entire career – you’ll hear about more job openings, get referred more often, and have more positive references to offer when interviewing for your dream job.
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