What PGA Tour Caddie Would I Borrow for a Round of Golf?

What PGA Tour Caddie Would I Borrow for a Round of Golf?
By David Wixson, PGA Master Professional, Keiser University College of Golf Professor

Wixson whats in the bag

When I think about the idea PGA assistant, my initial thought is that I could borrow Tiger Wood’s looper, Joe LaCava, for more than one round of golf, since he’s been on vacation for a while and has a lot of free time available.
LaCava would also be a good choice just for the stories he might be able to share, not only about Tiger, but the other players he has caddied for in the past, including: Fred Couples and Dustin Johnson.

When thinking about this question more seriously, another name that comes to mind is Jim “Bones” McKay, who until very recently was Phil Mickelson’s caddie and had been for the past 25 years.

One of the things I would be most interested in learning from a caddie with McKay’s experience is how the best players in the world read the greens so well when putting.

These days all of the players and caddies carry a map of each green with degrees of slope readings.

Average golfers could really learn a lot about reading greens by having a professional caddie explain how to use one of these green maps.

Of course, a professional caddie with McKay’s experience would offer several other benefits as well: course strategy/management, club selection and on-course sport psychologist.

In fact, one of the most important duties of a professional caddie is helping the golfer play to his/her ability level by helping the golfer control his/her emotions.

Oftentimes, a player will talk negatively about themselves during a round, and a good caddie can help the player focus on positive thoughts, or at least neutral thoughts like ‘what is my target’ instead of ‘I’m a lousy golfer.’

Having a professional, experienced caddie such as Jim “Bones” McKay walk the course with me for just one round would be a great learning experience.

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