Mastering the Green: Why College Students Should Study Golf Course Management

Mastering the Green: Why College Students Should Study Golf Course Management

by Bradley Turner, Keiser University College of Golf, Director of Online Golf Instruction, MBA, PGA

Golf is more than a sport; it is a billion-dollar industry that requires diverse business skills to manage effectively. Golf course management encompasses various aspects, including business administration, agronomy, and golf operations. Higher education institutions have recognized the demand for professionals who can navigate these multifaceted challenges, leading to the creation of specialized degrees in golf course management. This article will delve into the significance of pursuing such a degree, its diverse components, and the opportunities it offers for those aspiring to work in this exciting industry.

What is Golf Course Management?  

Golf course management refers to the practice of overseeing and maintaining the day-to-day operations of a golf course to ensure its optimal performance, appearance, and overall quality. The goal of golf course management is to provide golfers with a safe, enjoyable, and challenging playing experience while also preserving the natural environment and ensuring the long-term sustainability of the course.

The Current Landscape of Golf

According to a 2022 report by the National Golf Foundation, there were over 500 million rounds of golf played. In the last three years, the golf industry has experienced record participation in traditional green grass golf facilities. In addition, golf experiences like Top Golf and Popstroke have given non-traditional golfers a chance to try the game in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. This growth in the industry underscores the need for professionals who can effectively manage golf courses, ensuring they remain competitive and profitable. Golf operators and owners always seek educated individuals with the knowledge and skills to make a difference at their facilities.

Reasons Why You Should Study Golf Course Management

One of the primary reasons you should study golf course management is your passion and love of the game. But here are a few additional reasons for you to consider:


In recent years, there has been a concerted effort to develop curricula that address diversity and inclusion issues in the golf industry. Students are educated about the importance of welcoming all players, regardless of their background, gender, or abilities. Growing the game requires golf course owners and operators to expand opportunities to traditionally excluded groups.

Industry Growth

The golf industry is growing in participation, with more women and girls picking up the game. Women account for only 25% of all golfers in America, but that is beginning to change as there are more junior girls playing golf than ever before. The golf industry generates revenue that totals over $84 billion annually. Experts in the business of golf expect the golf industry to grow by 3% over the next three years.

Career Opportunities

Students who pursue a degree in golf course management are choosing a career that supports their passion for the sport. There are over two million jobs in the golf industry, with many associated with the 16,000 golf courses in America. Typical entry-level job opportunities after graduation include assistant golf professional, golf instructor, assistant green superintendent, sales associate, and assistant facility manager. With additional experience, you will be assuming the leadership role in golf operations as a head golf professional, head superintendent, general manager, and director of golf instruction.

Networking Opportunities

Golf is the sport of business. A career in golf can lead individuals to opportunities in all facets of business. The networking potential while working at golf facilities is enormous, especially at private and resort facilities where influential people within a community are members. Golf is a social sport, and those engaged in the game will likely encounter their future mentors, future employees, and experience future employment opportunities.

An Adapting College Curriculum

The golf course management curriculum at the College of Golf is targeted towards golf operations and management. The curriculum focuses on business skills, specific golf operation functions, golf instruction and teaching programs, tournament operations, and club management. The curriculum is created to provide students with the knowledge and skills to succeed upon graduation. Using industry experts, faculty members, and student feedback, the curriculum is evaluated annually to ensure that innovative changes in the industry are incorporated into the revised curriculum.

Real-World Benefits

A diverse degree in golf course management offered by higher education institutions is a gateway to a rewarding career in the golf industry. It equips students with a multifaceted skill set encompassing business management, agronomy, and golf operations. Moreover, these programs promote diversity and inclusivity within the golf industry, ensuring that the sport remains accessible to all. As the golf industry continues to evolve, golf course managers with a comprehensive education will be at the forefront of innovation and sustainability, shaping the future of this dynamic industry.

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