How Do You Know When to Let Someone Play Through?

How Do You Know When to Let Someone Play Through

Golf etiquette is one of the most unique, respected qualities of the game.

In a world where most competitive sports are known for their aggressive attitudes and pushing the envelope where gamesmanship and fair play are concerned, golf is renowned for its chivalrous players and strict code for fairness. However, there are situations when your patience with other participants on the course can be tested.

When to Let Them Play Through

If you’ve been playing golf long enough, you have probably dealt with the practice of letting a foursome play through, which can be a delicate situation in golfing etiquette.

For example, you are getting ready to line up your putt on the 6th green, but you are having a hard time concentrating because the group behind you has been pushing you since the par 4 third hole.

Your group has been playing at a decent clip, but a few seconds after you are walking away from your second shot, the guys on the tee box of the third are driving into where you just stood twenty yards back.

When They Should Let You Play Through

Maybe you are trying to squeeze in a quick round in the early afternoon before you have to meet your family in the evening for your daughter’s dance recital.
You played the first nine at a steady pace, but, at the turn, you come to a halt.

A foursome of seniors have returned from a snack at the clubhouse and are now directly in front of you and might have lapsed in their diligence with golfing etiquette.

They are more than a hole behind the group in front of them and are in no rush; they are more concerned with enjoying their fellowship, storytelling, and searching for lost golf balls at a leisurely pace and they’ve failed to notice that you’ve been patiently following them for a couple of holes.


Following Tee Times

So, how do you go about handling this situation of golfing etiquette? Generally, golf courses want to try to maintain the consistent order established by the tee times to keep a scheduled flow of players on the course throughout the day.

However, situations will occur throughout the day to disrupt this flow.

Generally, a ranger will be around to help clear up bottlenecks on the course and keep the pace going, but sometimes, on a busy day, he or she might not be around to manage your situation.

Having Patience

If you do find yourself in one of these situations, remember that deference for the other group will go a long way.

Rather than being stubborn and defiant regarding your position, consider the position of the other players.

The vast majority of the time, players involved in playing through are polite and conscientious and the issue is resolved quickly.

However, if you are in a situation where there is some contention, try to keep a cool head.

If a group requests to play through, don’t take it as an insult or an indictment on your game or style of play.

It might be a good idea to remember this: any day on the golf course is a good day, so don’t let someone play through when possible.

Need Some Clarification?

These unwritten rules of golf are not always crystal clear and it can sometimes be difficult to know what the best course of action is.

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