Keep Everything Moving

By Dr. T. J. Tomasi, Keiser University College of Golf Senior Faculty and Director of Research

As you swing back to the ball from the top of your golf swing, your pelvis should be sliding target-ward (just left of the target for a right-handed player) as the slight sliding movement leads the weight flow into your front hip. A problem occurs if you stop your core 1/2 way to the ball; your swing sequence is disrupted when it becomes impossible to keep your hands ahead of the club head, so you release the club early with a weak slapping action. You see this in golfers who “stop to hit,” but you don’t see it in good players who keep their core moving through impact. (See pictures below).

He’s older, bigger, and stronger but much shorter off the tee than the Ricky Fowler fan below, and the lack of distance is due to a pelvis that sputters through the ball.

Younger, smaller, and weaker, but much longer due to a pelvis that keeps on motoring.

Here’s the big takeaway: Your golf swing is a system for moving force around. Once the flow is in motion, everything moving should keep on moving until it can move no more. How will you know if you keep everything moving until it can move no more?  Take a video of your swing and look for both arms straight.

Both Arms Straight

There is only one time during the swing when both arms are straight, just after impact. It’s a critical checkpoint you can use to determine the sequence and flow of your swing. Keeping your arms fully extended is impossible if your core has not done its job. It’s a good idea to pose with both arms straight in the post-impact position, with the butt of the club pointing at your belly button. Then make some swings in slow motion concentrating on keeping everything moving.

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