The Importance of Playing with Properly Fit Golf Clubs

The Importance of Playing with Properly Fit Golf Clubs
by Dr. Eric C. Wilson, PGA Legacy Master Professional
Executive Director of Golf Operations
Keiser University College of Golf

The game of golf is hard enough to play without having to concern oneself with equipment that may not fit a swing motion or body type.

Having worked with thousands of golfers, I’ve yet to see any two swings that were identical. Since swings vary, isn’t it only logical that golf clubs would vary in design and playability to accommodate individual golfers?

A simple internet search of “golf club fitting” yields over 11,000,000 hits indicating the popularity and perceived necessity for having properly fit clubs. From the player’s perspective, chances of buying an off-the-rack set of clubs that fit are slim. Clubs that don’t fit generally cost the golfer accuracy and distance which are the most important considerations for a golfer. Today’s technology provides the golf club fitter with an amazing amount of information and allows the fitter to optimize equipment tailored for each golfer’s game. The knowledgeable club fitter evaluates 14 variables from club lie angle, to shaft flex, to the size of the grip. If maximum enjoyment out of the game is desired, we owe it to ourselves to get fit! That means irons, wedges, hybrids, fairway woods, drivers and putters. If the best players in the world play golf with custom fit clubs, why shouldn’t we? The investment in dollars and time is well worth it.

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