Impact Zone

If you haven’t read Bobby Clampett’s book, The Impact Zone, you are missing a great opportunity to learn more about how the best players in the world deliver the golf club to the ball through the impact zone and how you may be able to improve your own ball striking and scoring. Mr. Clampett lists his Five Dynamics of the Golf Swing based on his personal experience and anecdotal research. They are: 1) The Flat Left Wrist at Impact, 2) The Forward Swing Bottom, 3) Loading the Club on the Backswing, 4) Lagging the Load Through Impact, and 5) Swinging the Club Along a Straight Plane Line Through the Impact Zone. While each of these dynamics is critical to using the golf club effectively in the swing, the one dynamic which is of most interest is The Forward Swing Bottom. Based on observations, Mr. Clampett shows that the center of the divot for irons (and believe it or not, even the driver) is four to five inches in front of the golf ball for the best players in the world – PGA Tour Professionals. Master this dynamic, and you will definitely improve your ball striking on all shots from the chip shot to the tee ball. As a matter of fact, Mr. Clampett asserts that for every inch you can move the bottom of your divot forward, you will see a four stroke reduction in your score. This is a “must-read” book, whether you agree with Mr. Clampett’s conclusions or not. I am one who agrees with his premises, and I strongly encourage you to explore the Five Dynamics of the Golf Swing in The Impact Zone.

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