How to get out of a Sand Bunker [Infographic]

how to get out of a sand bunker

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How to get out of a Sand Bunker

Nobody wants to spend all day desperately trying to hit their ball out of a sand bunker. On a greenside bunker shot, you want to hit the sand just right, so that it moves the ball out of the bunker. Here is a drill you can practice:

Step one: Draw a line in the sand to help you focus on the sand, not the ball.
Step two: Line balls up on the target side of the line, three inches ahead.
Step three: Straddle the line.
Step four: Hover club above and behind the line, which is where you want to strike
Step five: Practice hitting the line, so that your club hits the sand first.
Step six: Practice the same stroke with the golf balls.

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