Hole-in-One Traditions [Infographic]

Hole-in-One Traditions
Getting a hole-in-one is definitely reason for celebration. In fact, there are several traditions and options in place for those looking to share their joy.
Here’s a few:
Drinks on me- Golfers in America typically end up buying drinks for everyone in the clubhouse when they get a hole-in-one.
Some clubs have folded this into their membership prices, giving golfers a reserve of money to spend on drinks.
Insurance – In Japan, golfers are expected to throw a party and give drinks and gifts to their friends when they get a hole-in-one.
They can buy insurance that will cover them for a party worth $3000. Golfers in Europe can have hole-in-one insurance added to their overall insurance plan.
Winner Winner- Some golf courses will offer specials for golfers who hit Holes-in-one.
These prizes can range from pro shop gift cards to being entered in a drawing to win a new car.
Have you ever celebrated a hole-in-one? How did you celebrate?
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