7 Healthy Habits Every Golfer Should Have

By Bradley Turner, Keiser University College of Golf Director of Online Golf Instruction – MBA, PGA

Very few golfers I have met are satisfied with the state of their golf game. Virtually every golfer wants to play better, hit the ball more consistently, and make a few more putts. For those interested in improving their golf performance, making healthy lifestyle choices can translate into a healthier you while lowering your handicap index. The suggestions in this article do not require you to spend significant time and money to improve your performance. Most of these suggestions can be implemented into your golf lifestyle with ease. Committing to these changes will be a challenge for most of us.

#1. Playing a lot of Golf

Yes, this does require time and money, but golf provides such a wonderful health benefit that it makes sense to play as much golf as possible. Joining a league or creating a weekly match with a group of friends can keep you committed to playing more golf. It is easy to skip golf when no other individual depends on you to show up on the first tee. But with a regularly scheduled golf date, you will certainly be spending more time on the links with your golf buddies while enjoying the health benefits of playing a lot of golf.

#2. Working Out

One of the most important habits of healthy golfers is to take care of themselves by working out consistently. Yes, golfers have heard this many times before, yet there is a reluctance to commit to this habit. I suggest starting with minimal tasks and staying committed to improving your physical capabilities. You don’t need to join a local gym to get started; simply get down on the living room floor for a few pushups and plenty of stretching exercises. Before you know it, you will be looking for a local gym to support your new healthy habit.

#3. Eating Healthy

The science of nutrition continues to evolve in sports, which has certainly changed how professional golfers approach their eating habits. A fast-food breakfast or lunch before meeting your foursome on the first tee is simply not the right approach to playing to your potential. If you want to play better golf, a good step is to eat a healthy meal before the round and maintain your glucose levels throughout the round. Eating nuts or a trail mix during the round will keep you energized and focused on playing your best golf. Water is one of your best friends for the mind and body, so drink plenty of water throughout the day. Although you might not play like your favorite professional golfer, you can eat like one!

#4. Emotional Composure

Sporting events bring out all types of emotions in athletes. Since many sports are team-oriented, athletes who transition to golf often find the solitary nature of the sport to be emotionally draining. In other sports, a teammate can make up for a mistake you made, while in golf, your abilities are demonstrated on every hole and every swing you make. When your team wins the game despite the poor individual performance, athletes can celebrate together. Individual mistakes are forgotten. But in golf, your successes and failures are evident on the tournament scoreboard. Golfers must learn to control their emotions on the golf course, which can take a lot of time to master. The best advice is to be a great golf coach to yourself by becoming a positive cheerleader with your own game.

#5. Getting Enough Sleep

Americans are sleep deprived, with studies showing that 33% have a severe problem with sleep. Furthermore, 40% have also admitted to falling asleep during the day. With this information, there is a good probability that one in three American golfers is not getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep contributes to all sorts of problems in mental and physical performance. If you struggle with getting enough sleep, you may also struggle to stay mentally focused throughout an 18-hole round of golf.

#6. Visualizing Success

You have likely heard motivational quotes many times before, such as “If you see it, you can become it.”See and believe.” One of my favorites is “You are never given a dream without the ability to make it come true. However, you might need to work for it.” This type of wisdom is essential in golf as you should imagine yourself as a better player than you are. The more you visualize your success, the more likely you will work a bit harder to make your golf success vision a reality.

#7. Surround Yourself with Positivity

Golf is a solitary sport in that you are playing the game without any help from a teammate. However, this does not imply that you should take on such a demanding sport as golf without the help of others. Finding and working with a quality golf coach is a step in the right direction. Playing golf with friends that you enjoy is another good step in surrounding yourself with positive energy. Golf is a sport that can wear you down if you are super competitive. Whether you are a casual golfer or a highly competitive golfer, make sure to spend most of your time on the golf course with people who bring out the best in you.

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