What is the Hardest Hole of Golf in the World? [Infographic]

hardest hole in a golf
The Extreme 19th at the Legend Safari and Golf Resort in South Africa is recognized by many as the hardest hole of golf in the world.

This par 3 tees off from the top of Hangklip Mountain and sees golfers hitting toward a green located 1,300 feet below.

One of the most unique aspects of the hole is that the tee can only be reached by helicopter.

What else makes this unique hole the hardest in the world?

  • The distance from the tee to the hole is 630 yards.
  • After hitting the tee shot, golfers can watch the ball descend for 20 to 30 seconds before it lands.
  • The green, which is shaped like the continent of Africa, is surrounded by a waste bunker.
  • A ball spotter stands on the course below Hangklip Mountain to watch for the golf ball as it floats toward the green.
  • Anyone who can sink a hole in one will win $1 million from the resort. However, a birdie is the best anyone has done on the Extreme 19th to this point.

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