What are Good Golf Swing Considerations for a Beginner?

What are Good Golf Swing Considerations for a Beginner

What’s in the Bag?

If you are a beginning golfer, the first thing you want to make sure is that you’ve got the right equipment. Borrowing a friend’s golf clubs is not a great idea for long-term success. Visit a local PGA or LPGA Professional to ensure you get a proper fit for every club in your bag; this will help with ball-striking consistency. Also, make sure you choose the right diameter golf grip for your hand size.

Your Stance

The first thing you want to focus on is your stance. Your feet should be slightly wider than shoulder-width apart to give yourself a good, stable base. Knees should be bent slightly. The ball will be somewhere between the middle of your stance and the inside of your front foot, depending on the type of shot you want to hit. Your PGA or LPGA Professional can help you determine the best grip to use.


Aspects of the Swing

As you begin to swing, you will bring the club head back on an even plane that will continue over your shoulders. If you are a right-handed player, your left arm should stay mostly straight, and your right arm will bend with your right elbow being tucked into your torso. Ideally, at the apex of your backswing, the club shaft will be parallel with the ground. Your hips and shoulders will rotate on the backswing, while your back leg remains firm, and your front knee flexes naturally in the turn. Once you have completed your backswing, your lower body will initiate the downswing by turning counter-clockwise, followed by your shoulders, arms, hands, and club. Ideally, the clubface will strike the ball squarely and send the ball toward the intended target. Your follow-through will carry your torso through your original stance position and come to rest facing the target.

Check the Video

Practicing your swing and ball-striking is, of course, the most important of all the golf swing drills for beginners. Hit the driving range as much as you can and remember to focus on the basics, especially club-ball contact. Want to improve your game in the hopes of heading toward a professional golf career?

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