Golfing Essentials You Need For Every Round

Golfing essential
Golf essentials

It’s time for another round of golf!

You are ready to head out to the course.

But do you have everything you need to play the best round you can?

Make sure you have these golfing essentials in your bag before you tee off to ensure a pleasurable day on the links.

Appropriate Golf Bag

Sure, it looks cool to have a staff bag with your name on it.

You look like the professionals you see when the PGA or LPGA tournament comes to town.

The problem is these bags are too big.

Some are so large they do not fit comfortably on a golf cart.

For golfers who like to walk, they are difficult to carry over 18 holes.

If you’re walking, it’s a much better idea to buy a bag that is made to carry.

Most carry bags have two legs that pop out when you set them down, creating an instant stand.

You save your back and have easy access to your clubs.

In addition, they have excellent support in the shoulders and back with padded straps made from lightweight but strong material.

Golf Balls

It sounds crazy, but all of us have run into a playing partner who somehow did not think to include enough golf balls in their bag when they started the round.

Balls are golfing essentials! Before long, they are asking for a golf ball to play with.

Take a peek in your bag before you begin to make sure you have an adequate number of balls.

Depending on your ability and the difficulty of the course, you may need more balls than you think.

If you run into an incredibly bad run of lost balls, you’ll want to have a few extra to finish the round.

A good rule of thumb is to have at least six golf balls in your bag ready to go.

Golf Tees

Like golf balls, tees are often forgotten.

A golfer begins the round and then looks in their bag to find three broken tees and a bent plastic tee they got in a goodie bag from a tournament they played in the summer of 1995.

It’s always a good idea to pick up a bag of tees when you visit the golf shop or before the round.

Make sure the tees are adequate length for your driver and are easy to push in the ground.

Some people prefer plastic or specialty tees. Most of us will make do with classic wooden tees.

You don’t want to spend a round scrounging for a loose tee on the first tee box.

Make sure you have enough golf tees when you start a round.

Rain Gear and Umbrella

Depending on the climate you live in, rain gear and an umbrella are essentials.

In many parts of the country, the joke is if you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes.

For that reason, you must carry rain gear and an umbrella with you.

You don’t know when the sunshine you are experiencing in the moment will suddenly turn to grey skies and rain showers. Additional Golf Gloves

Golf gloves are another item that seem to be obvious, but it’s amazing how often you open your golf bag to find two ancient gloves that are the consistency of old newspapers and have more holes in them then Swiss cheese.

A new, comfortable golf glove gives you a safe, steady grip on the club for big swings as well as the touch and sensitivity needed for the short game.

If you play a lot, you’ll need even more golf gloves due to perspiration.

Do not put wet golf gloves in your bag. You can clip them to the outside of your bag and secure the Velcro fastener until they dry out.

Essential Golf Equipment

A quality sunscreen has proven to be an effective preventive measure to avoid overexposure to the sun.

In golf-friendly climates like California, Arizona and Florida, it is even more important to remember to apply sunscreen liberally before every round.

However, you may find that your sunscreen is depleted when you are trying to put it on right before you tee off.

To avoid this situation, keep a couple of tubes of sunscreen at the ready in your bag.

Snacks and Fruit

There’s nothing more annoying than getting hungry in the middle of a golf round.

As slow play seems to get worse every year, you may be out on the golf course for longer than you expected.

If you skipped breakfast, you may find you are getting dizzy and weak before you have a chance to buy something to eat at the turn.

Keep granola bars and other snacks that do not need to be refrigerated and will stay fresh for a long time in your golf bag.

Additionally, try to remember to throw a banana or an apple in your bag as you leave for the course.

Fresh fruit and granola bars will keep your blood sugar level up and focus your attention on the game.

A rumbling stomach and cloudy head will not help you shoot a good score.

Extra Pair of Socks If you’ve ever played golf in 90 or 100-degree temperatures in the middle of August, you know that you are dripping wet in only a short period of time.

You will benefit from carrying an extra pair of socks in your bag that you can change out at the turn.

You’ll feel better, get a better grip on the ground and have a better result overall.

Here is a tip: Keep several self-sealing plastic bags in your golf bag.

Use them to store your old pair of socks so they don’t spread odor and bacteria to the other items in your bag.

You can also use self-sealing bags to store extra towels, dry golf gloves, extra tees and many other golfing essentials we’ve mentioned on this list.

The bags keep the items dry in the event of rain showers.

Even if water works its way into the bag pockets, the plastic bags keep everything dry and toasty.

Golf Towel

One of the most important things you can do to improve your score is to keep your golf clubs clean.

It’s almost impossible to get the proper spin on the ball if the grooves are filled with dirt and grass.

A golf towel will go a long way toward cleaning the clubs properly.

However, don’t be that guy that carries the golf towel on every green.

While he is trying to give his golf ball a new car showroom shine, the foursome behind is cooling their heels and getting more frustrated by the minute.


We’ve all played with the playing partner that takes 45 minutes to estimate the distance to the flag, repeatedly throwing up clumps of grass to gauge the wind, air temperature and humidity.

He would be much better off with a quality rangefinder that will give him the distance he seeks within seconds.

If you’re playing in a tournament, check with the tournament officials to make sure there are no local or tournament rules that prevent you from using one.

This may not seem like an essential item, but a rangefinder will eliminate guesswork, speed up play and help fine tune your shotmaking ability.

Insect Repellent

Nothing is more fun than finishing a round as the sun begins to set and mosquitoes begin to feast.

It is challenging, to say the least, to concentrate on your game when a mosquito lands on your neck in the middle of your back swing and tries to get a free meal.

Keep insect repellent in your bag at all times, especially during the months of the year where mosquitoes are more prevalent.

Pain Relievers and Band-Aids

Golf is perceived by many to be a easy game of leisure.

They have probably not walked 18 holes of golf in the searing sun with a bad knee.

Keep a first-aid kit in your bag ready to tackle any problems you may have as the round progresses.

Many golfers religiously check to make sure they have aspirin or similar painkillers to handle the inevitable aches and pains of being a weekend warrior.

In addition, if you work on a computer all day, you’ll find that your hands can get easily blistered from swinging a golf club for several hours on a Saturday.

Band-Aids and athletic tape will help prevent blisters and other painful maladies.

Golf is played outdoors in the elements.

Wind, rain, sleet, and searing sun are regular conditions for enthusiastic golfers.

Golf is also more physical than many people think.

You are twisting your body at high speed over and over for several hours.

These challenges mean you must be prepared for everything on the course.

Go through this list of golfing essentials and check your golf bag today.

Stock up on any items you need so you can concentrate on your playing your best game.

When you are ready to concentrate of making golf your career, contact us to find out how you can get started today.

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