What Is A Golf Stinger?

Golf Stinger
The best thing about playing golf is there is always something to learn or a skill to improve on.

The best golfers have many skills and swings they have perfected to rely on when different situations arise.

This is what makes golf one of the best lifelong sports there is.

If you haven’t heard of the stinger, it’s one you will want to add to your skill set soon.

Its Claim to Fame

Every great golfer has a shot they depend on when under pressure.

It is the shot you feel comfortable making and you know you do it well.

For Tiger Woods, it’s the golf stinger and it’s become so well known, his name for it has stuck.

It’s also been called the knockdown, and Tiger didn’t invent it, but he has made it a memorable shot and a crowd pleaser.

He calls it his control shot and has used it in many different conditions and situations.

Its Effectiveness

The reason why this swing is so effective is because the ball goes far and stays low to the ground.

Once the ball hits the ground, it still has a lot of movement rolling far on the green.

This is a very popular choice on a windy day because you get the distance and still have a lot of control as to where you want to move the ball.

This is also a useful shot when you have trees or branches above which would obstruct the ball with your usual swing.

The Club and Stance

The golf stinger is usually hit off the tee with a long iron or fairway wood.

There are many clubs that can work with this swing. Your stance is slightly narrower when hitting a stinger.

You should then close the club face and then grip the club again.

Bring your back swing back to where your hands are around the height of your right ear.

Make your normal shoulder swing because it is not a punch shot.

The swing should not be rushed and the club should be kept low to the ground.

The follow through should be limited because this keeps the ball low which is your objective.

You don’t want a lot of club head speed because this will put too much spin on the ball.

Tiger has said he plays this shot with “soft hands.” This means that your hands will not turn over like a normal swing.

The wrists should stay firm throughout the finish of this swing.

When to Start Learning the Golf Stinger

This is a difficult swing to hit if you are a beginner.

If you are still having a hard time making contact and working on your swing, perfect that before you start trying the golf stinger.

However, if you are looking for a way to improve your skills, once you learn how to use the swinger effectively, your golf game will thank you.

It is an excellent shot to have in your arsenal, especially when conditions are less than favorable.

Start practicing by hitting your stinger about thirty yards, and work up your distance.

It won’t be too long before you are watching your ball roll easily onto the green.

Perfect Your Golf Stinger

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