How Golf Simulators Work [Infographic]

How Golf Simulators work

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Golf simulators, also called virtual golf, allow you to play a variety of courses from around the world at any time, no matter the weather outside. You hit into a large screen controlled by sophisticated software.

Like a Giant Video Game

  • First you choose the course. Vendors offer a variety of famous courses.
  • The screen displays the distance to the hole and elevation changes.
  • Each player tees off directly into the screen.
  • A virtual ball appears showing the flight path.
  • Once on the green, the break is indicated with a grid showing slope variations.

How It Works

  • The ball is marked with a prominent line on one side.
  • Cameras above and to the side of the hitting area capture the mark as the ball spins.
  • The computer reads clubhead speed, dynamic loft, club path, ball speed, and side spin.
  • It projects the path of ball on screen from this data.

What About Rough and Sand?

  • Shots from the rough and sand are played from a section of the hitting area that has longer grass.
  • It’s not exactly like real conditions, but does slow the club like actual rough.

Golf simulators are fun, and so are golf careers. If you are interested in a golf career, contact us today!

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