Golf Jobs that Require a Bachelor’s Degree

Golf Jobs that Require a Bachelor's Degree
In the spring of 2017, it was reported that over 25 million people played golf at least once in the United States during the spring.

That figure is proof to you don’t have to slave away at a job you hate.

Rather, it means you can pursue the career you always wanted in golf.

The great thing about working in golf is courses and clubs always need employees.

But what jobs are out there for those golf lovers who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree, too?

Well, you are in luck, as there are quite a number of jobs that golf courses and clubs need to be filled that require employees with a bachelor’s degree in golf.

Golf course superintendent

The golf course superintendent oversees the upkeep of a golf course or club.

The superintendent is tasked with keeping the entire area looking and playing great.

If that happens, then more people will visit the course, and members will keep coming back for more.

Keeping the grounds looking great isn’t the superintendent’s only task, however.

The superintendent must keep the business profitable. He or she must also hire staff and balance the course’s budget.

It isn’t an easy job, which is why most golf courses and clubs want an individual with a bachelor’s degree.

Some courses will take an associate’s degree, but those who want to progress the career ladder will need a bachelor’s to thrive.

According to one website, the average base salary for a golf course superintendent is over $81,000 a year.

Golf course superintendents must be prepared to work weekends or over busy holiday seasons in the spring, summer and fall.

These are typically the busiest times for golf.

Due to an abundance of golfers on the course each day, a superintendent must be present to help run the club.

Superintendents can also gain a voluntary certification in golf management.

The certificate will enable those serious about their work to progress later on.

Golf course designer/Landscape architect

If you love the way a course looks and plays, becoming a landscape architect may be the career path for you.
The landscape architect designs a golf course’s features.

They are the ones who build the hills, bunkers and water hazards that go into every course.

To become a landscape architect, you will need a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture, agronomy, civil engineering or a similar field.

Most states will require golf course designers to gain a license before they can start work as well.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average golf course designer’s salary in 2016 was more than $68,000.

golf industry
Golf course mapper

This is an exciting field that is evolving due to technology innovations.

A Golf course mapper uses an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to survey and take pictures of golf courses from the air.

Basically, if you are good at flying drones and you want to marry your love of golf with flying UAVs, this is the job for you.

Similar to a golf course designer, those interested in pursuing this career should have a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or something similar.

You may be asking, what happens to the golf course images that are taken?

Well, they are used by television companies, app makers and more.

Golf courses even use the maps to help redevelop their courses.

It is a cool job that combines various fields.

Golf course recreation manager

A golf course recreation manager is perfect for someone that likes doing activities other than golf.

Major golf clubs and resorts hire recreation managers to entertain guests while they aren’t golfing.

Or perhaps, guests who need something to do while mom or dad is on the course.

The top golf resorts will seek out a recreation manager with a bachelor’s degree, most likely one in tourism and hospitality.

A day in the life of a recreation manager may see them take guests fishing or on a hike around the resort’s property.

Later in the day, a recreation manager could spend time creating a plan for newly arriving guests.

Each day is different and it is a great job for those that love being outdoors.

The good news is, you can turn your dream of working in golf into a reality.

You don’t have to just play golf to enjoy it.

Education is your key to a career in golf.

Contact Keiser University College of Golf today about our Bachelor of Science in Golf Management Degree Program to see how we can help with your goals.

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