What Golf Gifts Should Be on Your Holiday Wish List?

golf gifts
It is nearly that time of year again. That time when all those good little golfers get something under the tree or in their stockings, or for other gift exchanges.

Yes, the weather might be a bit too frightful to wander out onto the golf course in some areas; but there are still great golf items that can be shared.

A perfect golf gift will make those cold wintery days a little easier. If you want to venture out , here are some cold weather golf tips.

So what should be on every golfer’s wish list this year?

Drivers, putters, golf shoes and golf clothes are a great start for any golfer no matter their skill level.


TaylorMade M1 driver
Adjustable drivers are quite common these days. But this Taylor Made driver gets top marks for being innovative. The titanium alloy body makes it lighter, and much of the sole and crown are made from carbon composite. All of these innovations make it one of the lightest drivers you can buy.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion
Lightweight and capable of driving the ball hundreds of yards, the Big Bertha Fusion is another great entry into the Callaway family. The club has been called the most stable driver ever made by Callaway. Fans of the club line will love its light carbon composite crown and the way the ball flies off the tee.

TaylorMade M2 hybrid
Hybrids are perfect for hitting the ball those distances over 150-yards. If you need a new one on your Christmas list this year, the TaylorMade M2 is perfect; and goes great next to the M1 driver. According to TaylorMade, it is a very forgiving club and can get you closer to the green every time it comes out of your golf bag.

Cobra King Oversize
This super improvement iron has received top marks from industry experts. The entire Cobra King Oversize line has been more about hitting the ball long, rather than accuracy and is a favorite of many amateur and professional golfers. The club face is nearly at the USGA’s limit of iron sizes. Why do you need it? The shaft has been designed to give slower swings more speed. That means your ball will travel farther.

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Edel Torque Balanced putter
The Edel Torque Balanced putter is resistant to twisting during putts. The club’s toe has less weight, which makes it easier for you to control it on the green.

Odyssey O-Works mallet putter

Mallet putters have been under criticism for some time, but some of the PGA Tour’s best use them. The Odyssey O-Works mallet putter has a striking design, and its look will turn heads on the green. Its design will catch eyes, and then blow away the competition as you putt your way to a new low handicap. The great design and tech that went into the O-Works has created a putter that gets the ball rolling forward sooner. That means you get better distance on your putts.

Golf Shoes

Adidas Powerband Boa Boost
Inspired by Adidas Boost running shoes, the Powerband Boa is a perfect example of the evolution golf shoes. The shoe features a no-lace system that conforms to the foot. You will definitely impress those at your local golf course when these are on your feet.

Callaway Swami
The Callaway Swami continues to change the idea of what golf shoes can look like. Rather than go down the route of golf shoes inspired by running trainers, the Swami gets its inspiration from the shoes you may wear out on a Friday night. With a comfortable foam midsole and breathable tongue, you may not want to take these off after leaving the golf course.

Golf Clothes

Galvin Green Achilles jacket
If you are out on the course in the wind, rain and cool air, Galvin Green’s fall and winter collection is perfect. The Achilles jacket is made with three layers of Gore-Tex, yet it is still extremely lightweight to drive the ball.

Matte Grey golf pants
iPhones and other smartphones are everywhere, even on the golf course. The Matt Grey golf pant provides golfers with a media port located in the rear of the trousers. Similar to running or cycling shorts, wearers can place their iPhones in the back pocket while swinging. Just remember it is there before you get back in the golf cart.

Grunt Style polo shirt
Grunt Style is a newer entrant into the golf fashion world. Started by former US Army drill sergeant, Daniel Alarik, Grunt Style has become an extremely popular brand to wear. Using flashes of cameo on traditional looking polo shirts, the brand is showing up more and more on golf courses around the States.

You know what else you may want to put on your wish list? A degree from College of Golf at Keiser University. Contact us today and turn your wishes into reality.