What Golf Gear is Best for Beginners?

golf gear for beginners
Golf does require some gear to get started, and luckily there are some courses that will accommodate those with no gear with rental services that provide the needed golf gear to get out on the course.
There are constantly new, innovative pieces of gear out there made to get more distance in your drive or better accuracy with your putt.
But for the beginner, all you’ll need is the willingness to start playing as most of your improvements will come from learning and applying those lessons to your game.
If you’re a beginner, here’s some basic golf gear you’ll need to get started.
Golf Balls
When you have a walk around a pro golf shop, you’ll be absolutely amazed at the colorful display of golf balls available.
But remember that you’re just starting to figure out the basics of your golf game.
Having the latest in distance-maximizing golf balls isn’t really an advantage when you’re smacking them into the woods.
For starters, get some basic 2-piece construction balls around $1 a piece, and when you start hitting the ball consistently where you want, invest in more expensive ones.

If all the golf balls at the pro shop were intimidating, wait until you see their selection of clubs!
As a beginner, you might consider investing in a half set of clubs, which consists of five irons, three- and five-wood, and a putter.
True, this isn’t the full set of clubs most golfers are using, but it removes those clubs that are harder to hit with and makes club selection easier for the beginner.
This way, you’ll be focusing more on improving your swing, not depending on your golf tech.
Rent or borrow a few brands of clubs if possible, and seek out the opinion of fellow golfers and experts on brands to buy.
Golf Bag
First, be aware of the differences between carry bags and cart bags.
If your game includes doing a lot of walking, a carry bag is what you’re looking for.
However, if you’re at a course that prohibits walking and primarily uses golf carts, a cart bag is your best bet.
A carry bag should be relatively comfortable as you’ll be carrying it a lot.
Whichever version you choose, get a well-crafted bit of golf gear so you won’t soon need a replacement.
Golf shoes and a golf gloves aren’t necessarily mandatory golf gear to have, but you’ll find that both will be useful to you out on the course.
Also, golf clothing doesn’t have to be the stereotypical golfer’s loud colors and patterns. Although, some courses do institute a dress code, so find out in advance what’s permissible.
The Most Important Thing
We’ve discussed some gear that will help those beginners out there, but there’s nothing more important than just getting out there and learning those lessons only the course can teach you.
New advances in golf gear innovations can enhance your golf game, but only constant improvement will help you reach that next level.
That’s true for everyone from the first time club holder to the seasoned veteran.
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