Golf Bag Essentials That Will Make You Feel Like a Pro [Infographic]

Golf Bag Essentials

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Some golfers spend a lot of time comparing their clubs to the ones that the pros use. While it’s good to know that Jordan Speith’s driver is a Titleist 915 D2, it doesn’t mean that’s the driver that will work best for you.  However, there are some golf bag essentials that every golfer should have, whether they’re sponsored pros or not.

Ball Markers

Pros will use anything from quarters to poker chips as their ball marker. Steve Marino uses a division coin gifted to him by a Marine who caddied for him.

Clean Towel

Don’t doom yourself and your game to using dirty golf balls and clubs. A clean club will lend to more consistent contact with the ball.

Business Cards

They might not improve your golf game, but they’ll absolutely strengthen your networking game. You never know who you’ll see on the course.

Weather Gear

Depending on where you are, you’ll know whether you need to lug an umbrella with you or leave it in the trunk. However, you should always pack sunscreen.


Don’t let fatigue and hunger get in the way of a great game. Small, energizing snacks will keep you feeling sharp and ready to go.

Less is More

Let’s face it- there are a lot of “essentials” you need. How many are scattered at the bottom or in the pockets of your golf bag? 8 snapped pencils, questionably clean socks, and several “just-in-case” items. Save yourself (or your caddie) the trouble and clean your bag out. Take only what you know you’ll need and a couple emergency items.

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