What Does It Take to Get a Golf Degree?

Golf Degree
The popularity of sports in American life continues to grow unabated.
The market worth of sports franchises grows every year, with high profile teams enjoying billion-dollar evaluations.
High levels of sports participation can be found at every age and economic level.
Getting a degree in golf or sports management is an excellent first step to launching a successful and rewarding career in a constantly expanding and evolving business.
But what exactly does it take to get a golf degree at a well-known quality institution such as Keiser University College of Golf and Sport Management?
In this article, we will examine the different types of golf degree you can pursue, what you will need to complete the specific educational requirements, the skills and knowledge you will gain, and the type of curriculum topics you will study.
There are several degrees offered by Keiser University College of Golf and Sport Management.
One of the most popular programs we offer is the Associate of Science in Golf Management.
Students tells us they like this degree because it takes less time than the Bachelor programs, which gets them out in the job market faster so they can start generating an income and building their career.

Associate of Science in Golf Management

This degree gets you ready for a wide selection of opportunities in the burgeoning golf business.
You’ll learn the tenets of golf instruction, managing golf courses, maintaining facilities and equipment, and how to blend the game of golf with other functions of a golf club such as swimming, tennis and hospitality facilities.
As part of your coursework, you’ll receive an extensive education in the history and rules of the game, the latest advancements in mental and physical conditioning at the highest levels of the sport; increase your ability to make business and leadership decisions about facilities, operations, equipment and staff of a golf operation; learn the latest approaches to teaching golf; and get a broader perspective of golf in relation to the larger hospitality industry. Course work consists of a core Golf Management track of 36 credit hours. The curriculum covers these topics and more:

  • Traditions of golf
  • Fundamentals of the golf swing
  • Fundamental of the short game
  • The mental game
  • Golf instruction
  • Golf club-fitting
  • Golf club repair
  • Rules of golf
  • Managing golf tournaments
  • Course design and maintenance
  • Managing a golf club
  • Advanced golf instruction
  • The business of golf

In addition to the core, you’ll take 24 credit hours of General Education courses such as:

  • Strategies for success
  • Speech
  • Intro to computers
  • English composition
  • American literature
  • Intermediate algebra
  • General biology
  • Environmental science

As you can see, the curriculum is challenging and extensive.
It is designed to give you a solid foundation upon which you can build a successful and long career that will adapt readily to the waves of change that constantly wash up on the shores of this exciting business.

How Keiser Can Help You Succeed

Keiser University gives you an excellent foundation for your golf career in a number of ways.
Institutionally accredited.
Keiser University is authorized to award degrees and certificates for doctoral, masters, baccalaureate and associate degrees and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.
We have advisory boards made up of community leaders, alumni, industry experts, staff and faculty.
They meet regularly to examine the current curriculum, facilities and equipment, ensuring your golf training and education is thorough and practical.
Manageable class load.
At Keiser, we’ve developed a program that maximizes your learning and development.
You only attend a single class at a time before taking the next course. This increases your focus and helps keep class sizes small, giving you the hands-on attention you deserve.
Student services.
Keiser provides a Department of Student Services which helps you with one-on-one attention and support.
Workshops and a variety of student activities help you get involved with your school and fellow students.
You can develop leadership skills in the Student Government Association.
Keiser is more than just taking classes and completing assignment — it’s an opportunity to make lifelong friendships.
Hands-on learning.
Unlike many institutions that only discuss theoretical ideas, Keiser University gives you both a solid education and actionable industry experience.
Your training is completely focused on making you ready to get a job in the golf industry.
Flexibility of class schedules.
Keiser offers classes in the evening, daytime and online.
You get the same education in each time period, but you don’t have to rearrange your entire life to get to class.
Depending on your degree, there is always a course schedule that will fit your lifestyle.

Personal Qualities You Need to Succeed

You already have one of the most important qualities necessary for success at Keiser University College of Golf and Sport Management.
Just by reading this article, you are demonstrating that you understand the value of higher education as a foundation for your career success.
Here are some other personal qualities that will accelerate your growth:
Hard worker.
Jason Day once said that his only two goals in life are to work as hard as possible and to win as often as possible.
Likewise, to meet your educational goals, you must tap into your self-motivation work hard to complete classes and project assignments.
Being coachable means that you will accept feedback and advice from teachers, counselors and other advisors.
It’s important to be able to make adjustments in your training and study habits if needed, improving on weak areas and building on strengths.
Plugged in.
Once you are past high school, you are taking advanced education based your own desire to learn, grow and succeed.
Being plugged in means you enthusiastically embrace opportunities to improve.
You ask questions and seek clarification on unclear topics.
You stay after class and talk to professors, build bonds with other students to form study or project groups, and search for extra credit opportunities when available.

Golf Careers Open to You

Let’s get down to brass tacks. What careers are open to you with a golf degree from Keiser University?
Here are a few of the many possibilities:

  • Golf instructor. Help golfers improve their game as a golf teacher or coach for schools, clubs or as an independent operator.
  • Club management. As the manager of a club, you’ll direct operations of the dining rooms, kitchen, reception, meeting rooms and other facilities.
  • Grounds care. Become a greenskeeper or grounds crew and take care of the course agronomy, landscaping, equipment and related facilities.
  • Golf retail and merchandising. Golf is driven by the sales of clubs, balls, equipment, clothing and services. You can enter sales or promotion for a brand, merchandiser, channel sales group, or retail operation.
  • Golf course manager. In this role, you’ll manage all aspects of the golf course including tournaments, leagues, member services, lessons, and retail sales.

Who Should Enter a Golf Career?

You should consider a golf career if you have a passion for the game and want nothing more than to be a part of the golf industry.
Possibly you are interested in being a professional golfer, or want to simply become the best player you can.
Our golf training is beneficial if you are interested in building management skills and want to be part of the world of golf.
If your main interest is learning agronomy, ground maintenance and landscaping skills, we can help.
Perhaps you are not happy in your current career and are looking for a more satisfying job in the sport you love.
Food and beverage workers who prefer to work at golf courses and facilities should also consider our training.
The Keiser University College of Golf is a smart move for each of these scenarios — it teaches you all aspects of the sport.
It expands your skills and knowledge while building your confidence.

Vast Opportunity

With Keiser University College of Golf and Sport Management as a foundation, you have a great opportunity ahead of you.
The golf and sports industries are vast. You can map out a wide variety of appealing and interesting career paths.
Whether you go into sales, management, administration or support, getting a solid education is a wise first move.
Review the programs we offer, and consider which golf degree best meets your needs.
All you have to do now is take the first step.
Contact us today to discuss how you can get a golf degree at Keiser University College of Golf and Sport Management.