Elements of the Best Golf Swing [Infographic]


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When you’re trying to master your golf swing, everything will always bring you back to the basics. If you’re looking to improve on your swing, take a hard look at these fundamentals.

• Distribute your weight evenly on the middle part of your feet.
• Set your hips back, angle your upper body and spine forward, facing the ball.
• Bend your knees a bit to get some added stability.

• Keep your right arm close.
• Bring the club back and around you.
• Transfer weight to your right foot.
• The club should rise at a 90-degree angle to the ground.

• Move the left knee across the left foot.
• Keep your wrists in a hinge position.
• Make sure your head stays behind the ball.

Follow Through
• Your right shoulder should be down and your arms should extend fully.
• All of your weight should be transferred to the left heel and right toes.

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  1. Good coaching but I am left handed. I have a struggle with consistent swing, feel like I am all over the board

  2. I swing left-handed & I need help because sometimes I hit ground balls instead of getting any loft. I also am not sure, when using an Iron or wood how & where I hit the ball when I’m setting up. Do i hit behind? Good golfers always get turf when the first contact the ball. How do they address the ball to get the turf to fly upon contact?

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