Dr. Wilson’s College Golf Team

Were You on a College Golf Team? How Well Did Your Team Do?
by Dr. Eric Wilson, PGA Legacy Master Professional,
Executive Director of Golf Operations, Keiser University College of Golf

Dr. Eric Wilson putting in his college days
I took up the game of golf when I was 13, while I was still playing baseball and basketball.

By the time I reached my junior year in High School, I gave up both other sports competitively and concentrated completely on golf.

In my junior year in High School, playing in the number three position, our golf team won the Tennessee State Championship, and my dedication to golf grew tremendously.

While we didn’t repeat as champions in my senior year, I played in the number one position and was captain of the team.

Passing up two golf scholarship opportunities at large universities, I decided to attend Southwestern at Memphis College with a total enrollment of around 1,200 students.

As a member of the College Athletic Conference, we played an aggressive schedule my first two years, but did not win our Conference Championship.

In my junior year, I was captain of the golf team, and our record heading into the Conference Championship was impressive, plus, we were hosting the event at a local golf course.

college golf team
We led the field after day one, and I was a couple of strokes behind the individual leader.

On the second and final day, I played an inspired brand of golf and had the individual lead going to the last hole.
Also, our team maintained it overall lead, but only by a slim margin.

On the last hole of the tournament, the competitor chasing me holed his third shot out of the bunker for a birdie, and, at the time, was tied with me.

I had a 30-foot downhill hard-breaking right-to-left putt for birdie and the win.

Just like in the movies, I told myself that if my fellow competitor could hole it out of the bunker for birdie, then I could make this difficult putt on top of him.

Low and behold, I hit the perfect putt and watched as it tracked into the middle of the cup, claiming victory for myself and my team.

This was definitely the highlight of my college career and brings back very fond memories each time I think about it.

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